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Time To Upskill, Open University Report Suggests!

Posted on: 10 Jul 2017

If you’re looking for a new challenge and want to ensure your chances of success in securing the job of your dreams, going through your CV with a fine toothcomb and seeing if there are any weak areas that could be improved upon could well be a good move.

New research from The Open University has just revealed that 90 per cent of employers in the UK have struggled to recruit new members of staff with the skills required in the last year, with some even having to inflate salaries above market rate so as to attract the top talent.

It was noted that talented employees with strong skill sets are still very much in high demand and as such, are able to command a higher salary. Managerial roles are proving hard to fill right now, with mid-level and senior management positions a problem for many companies in the country at the moment.

Making IT skills your focus could really help you get the job you want, it would seem, with 47 per cent of employers saying they’re finding it difficult to attract talent with these kind of capabilities – despite how crucial digital skills are to the UK economy.

External engagement director at The Open University Steve Hill commented on the findings, saying: “’Organisations need an agile workforce that can embrace change and meet new challenges. The cost of the skills gap to the UK economy shows it must become a business and government priority to build the skills and capabilities of each individual through investing in talent at all levels.”

Upskilling yourself is all about being proactive and taking charge of your own future. This could mean sitting down with your manager at work and asking them about what different opportunities are available to you with the company – or it could mean you taking it upon yourself to learn new skills outside of work.

Of course, not all skills are created equal so you’ll need to acquire market-valuable ones that make you an essential part of the team you want to join. Is public speaking something that could be of benefit? What about joining an amateur dramatics society, or put yourself forward as a TED speaker on a topic you’re passionate about?

Gaining new IT skills could mean signing yourself up for relevant courses – or it could mean starting your own mini enterprise like an Etsy shop and learning how to code and design your own website yourself. This would instantly teach you all sorts of new skills, like how to use content management systems and how to use Photoshop and InDesign, while also improving PR skills through the use of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Whatever industry you’re in, the key to reaching the top is to embrace lifelong learning… so bear this in mind while you’re looking for your next raw materials jobs or similar.

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