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Preparing for an Interview? Top Tips from Key

At Key Recruitment (UK) Ltd we pride ourselves on helping you to prepare for your interview, after all, your success is our success.

The number one reason for an unsuccessful job interview is lack of preparation. Success comes from preparing thoroughly, researching the company and knowing what to expect in the interview process. The interview is a prime opportunity for you to sell yourself to the interviewer, focusing on your strengths and the skills you can bring to a position.

The more you prepare the more confident you will feel. You only have one chance to make a good impression.

Key Preparation Points

No interview follows the same format, however there are a number of key questions commonly asked to determine a candidates suitability for the role. Prepare yourself by researching and reviewing the following key points.

  • Company history, background information and organisational structure
  • The role – why have you applied and what skills do you think you can bring
  • Your CV – ensure you have read and are fully familiar with the details of your CV prior to the interview

In addition, prepare any questions that may be important for you to ask to gain further relevant information about the role.

Interview Techniques

On the day of the interview ensure you –

  • Are aware of all details of the interview, e.g. location, time, name of person you will be meeting.
  • Are suitably dressed (As a role always wear formal office attire unless told otherwise)
  • Maintain a professional composure and confident body language throughout the interview

Interview Styles

Be aware of the nature of your interview and anything that you have been asked to prepare beforehand. Interviews may follow any of the following formats.

  • Face to face
  • Telephone
  • Presentation
  • Competency based (behavioural / situational)
  • Verbal and Numerical reasoning (aptitude tests)
  • Assessment Centres
  • In tray tests


Preparation before an interview really is the key to having a successful interview. Putting in a few hours of preparation can in turn land you the job you have always wanted.

Key is here to help you to prepare for your interview. If you would like advice, guidance or even throw an idea or two at us, then please feel free to contact your specialist recruitment consultant to discuss this and any other part of the recruitment process on 0161 443 0000.

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