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Come Across Well With These Body Language Tips

Posted on: 15 Jun 2017

When you are visiting recruitment specialists you can get lots of tips on how to best present your CV and promote yourself in interview, but have you considered your body language?

They say that you will have got the job in the first three seconds of entering an interview, so body language is an important aspect to consider.

It’s important that you look confident and calm, but avoid looking arrogant. Follow these tips to avoid falling into these common pitfalls, which can happen easily when you are stressed and under pressure.


  1. Crossing your arms

This is something you are probably already aware of but this is a tough one. Crossing your arms is something many people do defensively when they are feeling stressed but there it can look arrogant and stand offish. Make sure you are aware if you are doing this, and stop immediately in interview situations.


  1. Avoiding eye contact

This is also another pitfall many can experience. You may feel nervous and uneasy and therefore avoid eye contact, but again this can look arrogant and unenthusiastic. Interviewers will want to know you want the job so err on the side of enthusiasm rather than standoffishness.


  1. Pointing

Be honest, you know this is rude. Your mother told you not to for a good reason. It is aggressive and controlling, which no future employer wants from you.

If you find you have a habit of emphasising a point by pointing your finger make a special effort to reign it in. Not just in an interview process but also in normal life. Even if you haven’t had complaints it’s just because people are being polite.


  1. Speaking loudly

Of course it is important to speak clearly, and enunciate so everyone can hear you. If you are asked to do a presentation you need to make it clear you can present, and keep your voice projected, but speak too loudly and you could appear arrogant.

People use volume as a way to establish superiority, and you need to make it clear that you aren’t trying to do that in an interview situation. Use your interviewers as a cue.


  1. Speaking over people

Following on from this, you need to remember that the interview process is a two way situation, and you should make it clear you are interested in what your interviewer is saying. Don’t talk over your interviewer, and always wait for them to finish.

This is more important in an interview setting than in a normal conversation where people may naturally interject, but crucial if you want to come across as a team player.


  1. Slowed speech

You need to speak clearly, but not as though you are speaking to a child. Deliberately slowed speech i.e. I. Am. A. Trained. Professional. Actually will make people feel patronised. Speak clearly, but naturally to show you not only feel relaxed, but also have respect for your interviewers and what they have to offer you.


You can find out more at The Ladders.

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